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About Us

Who we are, what we do

RBtechnik deals with the design and manufacture of innovative and high-tech electronic devices and complex integrated systems.
The organization makes use of a network of professionals with extensive experience in R&D and development of innovative and high-tech products.
Thirty years of experience and collaboration with various national and international companies allow us to provide smart and effective solutions.
Lighting, Home Automation, Building automation devices.
Control devices for home and building automation based on wireless, Cloud and IOT technology.
Light, chromaticity, color sensors and related software
Automatic testing systems for lighting equipment.

OEM design:
Design and start-up of high-tech products.
Software an firmware development.

We have collaborative relationships with several world leading companies in their sector that allow us to offer exclusive and innovative solutions.

IOT Casambi Products

Cloud Power Meter 1Ph

One Phase Mains power meters Casambi ecosystem compatible. Data are visible on Casambi App and on dedicated app retrieving them from Cloud to display and chart. Split core current sensor. No tools, easy installation.                                    

Cloud Power Meter 3Ph

Mono/Three Phase Mains power meters Casambi ecosystem interface. The device can be connected to Modbus RTU compatible commercial power meters. Data are visible on Casambi App and on dedicated app retrieving them from Cloud to display and chart.

Cloud Air Quality Sensor

Cloud Air Quality is a Casambi ready Air Quality Monitor. Air quality relevant data are displaied in the sensor page of Casambi app and stored in the Cloud (Gateway needed).                                            

Cloud Air Quality Sensor Plus

Cloud Air Quality Plus is a Casambi ready Air Quality Monitor. Air quality relevant data are displayed in the sensor page of Casambi app and stored in the Cloud (Gateway needed).                                            

Home Assistant

Home assistant interface is a device that enable the voice control of Casambi controlled lighting installation.                                         

Automatic Test Equipments Products

RBTCheck Lighting Fixture ATE

RbtCheck is an automatic testing system dedicated to the control and tracking of performance on the production lines of lighting fixtures.
It can operate in conjunction with end-of-line electrical safety test machines. The start of the test procedure takes place automatically during the end-of-line fixture operation test. Tests available:
Illuminance (Lux) Color temperature (K) Color rendering index (CRI) Chromatic coordinates x, y (CIE 1930) with definition of the reference ellipse and SDCM Type of electrical measurement (Direct current / Alternating current) Electric power (W)Power factor (PF)                                    

RBTCheck Lighting Fixture ATE Windows App

RBTCheck control software is developed in Visual Studio VB.net.
It run on Windows personal computer (Windows 10 -11).
Two free USB port are needed to connect to Spectroradiometer and Control Box.                                    

RBTCheck Lighting Fixture ATE Spectrometer

RBTCheck is standard equipped with a compact CCD array spectroradiometer.
It is possible on request use almost any other colorimeter or spectroradiometer .                                    

RBTCheck Lighting Fixture ATE Electric Interface

RBCK Box interface is the digital measurements ad power control interface.
It allow to test constant current, constant voltage and line lighting fixtures powered.                                    

RBTCheck Lighting Fixture ATE Measure Chamber

RBTCheck vertical measure chamber is equipped with a system of diaphragms to eliminate internal reflections.
It has the light sensor on the bottom and on top a glass opening on which to place the lighting fixture under test.                                    

Low cost goniophotometer

Low Cost Goniophotometer

The RBTechnik Goniophotometer F1 is a high precision and reliability photometer for measuring the distribution of the luminous intensity of conventionaland LED light sources and luminaires.
The F1 is manufactured in accordance with the following standards and recommedations:
EN 13.032 Type 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3
CIE Recommendation n.70 types 1 and 2
IESNA LM-79 Type C
The F1 allows measurements according to the C-Gamma system                                    

Dichroic Filters Modelling Software

Dichroic Filters Modelling Software

RBTechnik Dichroic filter development software is a windows application that allow to design dichroic filters to achieve almost any arbitrary light spectrum.
The software works in conjunction with Color Quality Scale and/or IES TM30-20 spreadsheets to achieve ultra-high color rendition lighting fixtures or chromaticity with particular peculiarities.                                    

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